[OPEN] [1000 - 2500 R$ Starting] Seeking an experienced/intermediate builder and terrain designer

About Us

Hello there, I am party_birb/the current founder of the group “Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office”.
The group was founded in August of 2020, but never grew due to lack of a “non-interactive/bland” map and lack of advertisements.

What the map should look like/requirements:

10kx10k studs minimum sized map.
3-4 small/medium sized towns/suburban areas with houses, stores, gas stations, and department stations.
AT LEAST 1 rural/forest area.
Road/highway system.
1-2 medium sized tunnels.
1 tall/large sized mountain.
A couple hilly areas.

The Team
@party_birb - Scripter/UI Design

You can see our current map here:

About The Job

Once hired, you will take on either adding onto our current map, or building a entire new map from scratch. Map requirements are above in the What the map should look like/requirements section. You will have up to 1 month to have at least 1/3rd or half of the map done.


I am currently paying up to 1000 R$ to start, and will go up to 2500+ depending on your performance and time dedicated to building/designing. My preferred payment method is ROBUX/R$.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or on Discord: partybirb#7380

Questions, Comments, Concerns.

If you have any of these, feel free to contact me either here on the Developer Forum, or on Discord!

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