[OPEN] [2,000+USD] Hiring Team For New Roblox Game

Hey, I’m sixteen and I know it says 18+ but I was wondering if any acceptions could be made?

If we are not 18, can we still apply? I was interested since I like the sims but you need to be 18+ years.

Here’s my portfolio. I am interested in your project.

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Would love to work with you! My portfolio: [OPEN] Mashdee | UI Designer | Graphics Designer |

Hey! I may be interested in supplying music if the position is open. Terrain is an option as well, but I would prefer to just compose some fancy sounds if applicable. I have a handful of tracks listed on my portfolio here.

You could make them sign a NDA contract that is for 16+ or with guardians’ signature.

Hello Poke.

My strength is programming but I can also do: animation, marketing, UI design, video editing and music production.
I have also dabbled in web hosting and discord bots in the past.

I am a programmer and have been programming professionally for 6 years.
I have a good work ethic and have worked on many simulators and various other projects in the past (links below).

I am interested in working with you, and I am excited to hear about your gamechanger!

Thank you.