[OPEN] 2020 Roblox Olympics Game

2020 Roblox Olympics Game


Hello, I’m VeryRBLX, and I’m looking to make a team of developers that can work together to help make a Roblox Olympics game, set to release in Spring-Summer 2020.


Builder - @VeryRBLX
Scripter - @username
Animator - @username
UI Designer - @Inspirre


(Be aware that these percentages are given after taking out about 10% of the total revenue for advertisement)

Scripter - 40%
Animator - 20%
UI Designer - 20%
Builder - 10%

These percentages are negotiable. For more information, contact me on Discord; VeryRBLX#9539.


I am also searching for an investor to invest 10,000-15,000 Robux into the game. This Robux will be used to help pay the developers and advertise the game. Investors will receive oversight on the game’s development, with the ability to input feedback, 5-10% of the game’s revenue until 5,000 Robux more than the amount invested is earned back, and additional perks in-game, which can be negotiated. For more information, contact me on Discord; VeryRBLX#9539.

Contact Information

I prefer to be contacted on Discord at VeryRBLX#9539, but I am also available on DevForums (@VeryRBLX) and on Twitter (@VeryRBLX)

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Have a nice day!

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I’m the builder for this game. I intentionally took a lower percentage so I could pay the other developers more.


I gotta say, that’s really thoughtful of you. I wish you the best of wishes that you may find someone!


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