[OPEN] [25-70k R$, $100-$350 USD, and/or %] Builder Required, Open-world Chernobyl Map

Shadow of Chernobyl

About the Project

This game will take place in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe and will be centered around the Chernobyl and Pripyat exclusion zone. Official player-run factions will fight and compete for various landmarks around the map that offer supplies, materials, and vehicles to aid in the fight for control and power.
Most of the map will be semi-dense forest and hilly terrain. It will feature two major cities, with various landmarks and smaller towns spread throughout the map. Players will be able to build and fortify using props and prefabrications.


About the Builder Job

I will be working as a builder alongside the individual(s) that help to take on the project. The first stage of the build will be the terrain creation. It is likely that by the time someone takes on this offer I will have ported terrain over to be used as the base for the map. Secondly, the buildings will be blocked out and roadways + general foliage will be added. The most time consuming last step will be creating and adding in the buildings. However, I have direct 3d references and maps for all in-game locations, and this combined with the Soviet architecture (repetitive and simple) should make it fairly easy once the buildings are made to copy and paste, besides the unique landmarks.
We only really need 4-6 locations actually completed for the release of the game, from which will we progressively add locations.

I will not be hiring scripters until the map is nearing completion.

Reference Images

Game for Comparison

☢️Fallout: Mojave Desert - Roblox
This is the Mojave desert, which features a very similar game concept to what my game will include. First is the actual fallout game map, and second is their recreation. I anticipate the release day version of the map to be at least 75% as large.


I expect that with the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 in April (finally), the game will surge in popularity.


Payment can include up to 65k R$ or $350USD. Payment is negotiable and % of income is also an option.
If you accept the project, after the completion of one small landmark location and example surrounding terrain, you will receive 25% of the negotiated payment or another payment method mutually agreed upon. One more payment will be received between completion of the release-day sized map, and the final will be disbursed upon completion. If the negotiated payment is beyond what is mentioned in the post title, it can only be disbursed after advertising expenses have been made back. The fact you will be assisted and provided with exact references is factored into the listed payment, though adding your own variations is encouraged.

Anyone interested in the project is welcome to join even if not as a developer. I know the game has a die-hard fanbase and so anyone interested is welcome, especially if I’ve already used my hiring budget and you’re still interested in working or helping out. If I’ve already hired a developer and you’re interested in building still, % of income will be the only option, or lump sums after the game releases.

Contact Information

My preferred method of communication is Discord, where you can reach me at dreevy#3063. Please include your portfolio and mention your interest in the project when messaging me. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me either.


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