(OPEN) 2D Art Commissions! Anime, Semi-realism, etc

Hi! I’m a 16 year old, 2D artist. I’ve been drawing for my whole life, but almost 4 years digitally. I offer Fully colored art, with lineart, and shading . I’m confident that I can copy whatever artstyle you give me, just send some references!

Recent Art(2021)


Something like this will be $30 base

+more art of the same artstyle


art (May 2020)



White bg, and anime artstyle (Anime named Hyouka) was requested ^^
Transparent bg was requested

Old Art (2019)

1 years old


Anytime just hit me up :slight_smile:

Everything is negotiable, but these are the bases for the drawings. It can only go lower when the request is simple and the artstyle is easy. If you have an offer though, I’d be glad to listen :slight_smile:
(Pricing will differ from the amount of accessories, requests, or complexity; There is no set payment from the get go unless you have elaborated what you wanted in further detail.)

Groupfunds (based on devex- $0.0035 = 1 robux)
  • 27-42k for complex (whole bodies, scenery, etc)

  • 18-23k for medium complexity (half bodies)

  • 2,5- 17k simple (shoulder or bust up)

  • 11-17k chibi (full body)

Paypal (money currency)
  • based on full color, no dark line art, smooth, semi-realism (my style)

  • 95-150 complex (whole bodies, scenery, etc)

  • 65- 80 medium complexity (half bodies)

  • 30-60 simple (shoulder or bust up)

  • 40-60 chibi (full body)

  • Price is the same with Groupfunds, but you pay w/ the 30% tax

Discord: choco#0881

basic rules before we start
  1. Either pay full for everything, OR pay half first > I show sketch > then customer pay full > I give finished product.
  2. Before I start sketching, please provide me with as much info or references on things u want so that I will match your preferences as soon as I start.
  3. Can be edited WHILE IN SKETCH ONLY
  4. Report if something does not look right to you, I will try and make it pleasing as best as possible.
  5. Give me atleast a week, or 3 days to finish (I’ll be sure to update, and give u an estimated time depending on my current situation).
  6. If I take a while, it means I want to give you the best quality, and perfect it as much as I can, but it will be finished before a week ends.

”Customer can do whatever they want with finished product”

My commissionees!
  1. None pls commission me LOL

Process of the artwork


~Lineart with basecolors~

~Finished Product! :blush:~

(You can always contact me anytime😄)


Your artwork is absolutely amazing! I wish I could draw in that style! Keep up the great work,
Emma :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! It means a lot haha


You see as a bored person who spends most of his time on the dev forums looking at portfolios and seeking new ways to improve my own work I am not even lying cross my heart your work gave me chills to my very core. Normally I would just ignore 2d art like yours but your work goes into so much detail I had to leave this comment good work hope you have some good commissions!


That’s crazy! Hahaha I cant believe it, but thank you so much. That means the absolute world to me :smile:

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Your artwork is so good and extremely cheap. I DMed you via the DevForums!! :slight_smile:


Updated prices, made my profile more snazzy, and changed prices (if you already commissioned me before the price change, you’re okay haha)


I definitely recommend Cutie_Annaxx for all your 2D Art needs, the style is incredible!


I too highly recommend @Cutie_Annaxx if your looking for someone to draw 2D art. Amazing art work and does it really quick, while putting effort and detail into her work.


Just commissioned her.

Highly recommend - great to work with.


I might commission you one day :o


Commissions are open again! Will be faster since summer just started :bowing_woman:t2:

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How much would it be for a person holding a gun?

Prob around 30-50 depending if it’s a chest/waist up, what kind of art style, etc :grinning:

For the 30-50 part, do you mean robux or money?

Usd haha, I’m currently not accepting robux atm

2 problems with that. I do not have money, but I have robux. I do AUD not USD.

Oh it’s ok! I usually go through PayPal and they automatically convert whatever currency to usd. I don’t mind taking robux, but atm I have no plan in saving up to apply for the dev ex program

So how much would it be in robux?

If I were to base it off the dev ex, it would be 9k-15k (which would be the 30-50 mark)

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