[OPEN] [$300+] 3D Modelling (Planning and making buildings) (MID LOW POLY)

We are going for a mid low poly style.

If your interested please add me on Discord or message me on here. Blizzmond#9161

It will mostly be making exterior of buildings and interior layout


Added you on discord, Plethoa#9971

Interested, MillennialFrags#2441

Are you looking for UI designers?

Still searching! Feel free to add me on Discord.

Hello! I’ve written you on Discord. Maybe you remember me? Please message me back here or on Discord. Or I’m always on Twitter at @UptownRoseYT. Thank you!


Do the modelers have to plan it? Or do they just create the exterior and interior?

Create exterior and only layout for interior.

I need to get a bit more info. I’m kirb.is.awesome#6974, please accept my friend request on discord.

Stay safe,

Add me back SamRBX#7330, im interested

Hello @Blizzmond! I might be interested. However I need more info on the payment and what I would be doing if I were hired.

Added on discord. I’m interested - vvolfy#0813

Interested, I’ve added on discord.


I’ve added you. My tag is Idiofy3D#7067.

Check out my portfolio here:
[OPEN] [Portfolio] 3D Modeler [For hire] [Robux only] - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum

I suggest adding more info to the post.