[OPEN] 3,200 Robux | Gun scripters

I am working on a third person shooter and for the release of my game I want to have 4 different guns. If things go well I plan on adding lots of guns into my game. The four guns I want added first are an automatic rifle, RPG, Sniper, and a pistol. These are the features I would like added

  • A dynamic crosshair GUI (when the player holds down right click the crosshair will zoom in using tween and so will the camera)
  • Hitmarker
  • Shows how much damage the player took from the player they just shot
  • Kill leaderboard
  • No team killing
  • C to crouch
  • Shooting, aiming, and reloading animations

I am looking for good quality guns and will pay 800 robux per gun, some examples for something I am looking for is the guns from these 2 games

The best way to contact me is on discord @Turkishfinesse#3130

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