[OPEN] [32,000+ Robux opportunity] DreamLabs™ wants YOU!

DreamLabs™ is a team of talented visionaries across the world. Together we are building a revolutionary game studio focused on engineering the future of Roblox. A studio where work fits around life and encourages creative freedom to create products that are of meaningful value to the lives of millions of real people across the world.

Reporting to the Lead Game Developer, you will work closely with the team to participate in the development of front-page games.

  • Strength of proposition, you participate in building content in collaboration with the team.
  • You will participate in the implementation of the gameplay development following the team’s intentions.
  • You will be looking for innovative tools and techniques allowing you to achieve the best gameplay quality possible at the best possible performance

  • Free time is a must and the more you have the greater chances of getting hired
  • Good communication and fast responses to the private messages is also a must
  • Extensive experience in a given specialty / 1 year as a minimum ( do not apply if you just started or you have less than mentioned)
  • Good command of technical skills required
  • Autonomous, organized, excellent communication, you are endowed with real interpersonal skills and for teamwork
  • Good gaming culture and good gameplay sensitivity
  • Medium-Advance level of English spoken and written
  • EU/AUS/ASIA only time-zones, US is accepted only if you have very good time management and work ethic
  • Participation is the key to success so when called upon developing it’s mandatory to show up.

The following experiences will be a plus to your job application:

  • Personal projects related to Roblox as well as professional projects.
  • A diploma in the domain
  • Prior experience in other big titles that reach more than 10mil visits.

Integrating the DreamLabs™ also means:

  • Join passionate and highly technical teams, all driven by the desire to design and develop innovative games and stand out for their quality
  • The possibility to expand your knowledge overall about Roblox while spending time in a friendly environment driven by passion rather than profits.

  • Base payment: 12000 Robux, these are the amount of Robux that you will guarantee to obtain after you’ve completed the assigned tasks.
  • Bonus payment: 20,000+ Robux or more, these are the amount of Robux that you could obtain based on the performance, team cohesion, your response to the task, the speed at which you are able to complete the assigned tasks. This payment can fluctuate a lot and it’s not guaranteed.




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