[OPEN] 3bxw's Ui Designer, Programmer, Mesh Dev Open for commissions!

About Me

Hello, i’m 3bxw. You can call me 3b or Luke. I have been a developer for more than 4 years. I have interests of mountain biking, doing stunts on motorbikes. I am a very well programmer as i have multiple experiences in them. I have around 3 years of programming and one year of GUI Design! I try my best at all times and i plan on expanding my commissions quite largely.

I have some amazing friends who come and help out occasionally on new projects. I first tried blender, at the start of 2019; It was personally a great, so i have continued that legacy. I personally enjoy programming and i am making a cool website for everything.



(in progress)

(Class 153 or 152?)


- This was requested by a friend of mine to make.
my old admin panels vv

2021-06-27 18-31-01 - this did take a few minutes.

I am quite usually active, throughout the days. I usually work monday-friday, which i do have after work. This can vary from 1hr-24hr.

I only do robux due to myself not very far from DevEx.

If you would like to get into contact with myself,

DM me on DevForum
3bxw#4797 on Discord
3bxwDev on Twitter

If you need anything, questions, anything related to the portfolio, please do let me know in either social medias.


10/10. He has:

  • Coded my whole game

  • Been active

  • Done it for a low price

  • Animated my tools

  • Made a couple of meshes

  • Scripted portals

He has a lot of potential. If you’d like to, check out the game he is helping me with: ⚔ Sword Fighting Simulator ⚔ - Roblox

Sent you a friend request on discord (Torrent#1888). I’m interested in hiring you for a short task.

Hey, i am needing a person who knows how to use contraints quite well, DM me @ 3b#1920 as i am needing some help with some contraints. If you advance in it, go ahead and dm me there or even dm me on twitter

I pm’d you on here, hoping to hear back from you :+1:t4: