[Open] 3D Modeler and Roblox Animator

About Me

Hello there! I am Seebass404. I specialize in Animations, Concept Art creation, and UV Maps (Texture Creation and Retextures). I also have done some minor Building and Terrain Editing on the side as well. The first game I worked on was Script Battlefield Remade.


You can view all my development and Roblox creations in-game here: Portfolio stuff - Roblox.


Here are some images of what I have created

Example Images



My place is updated often, so some things may not be the same as the pictures, and are most likely updated!

I do not have any posted examples of my concept arts here, as I prefer to keep them stored in the case someone tries to steal my ideas and assets.


I am available quite often, as long as Iā€™m not loaded with other work and communication is frequent.


I prefer payment per asset for my work, yet I do not have any definite prices for my work at the moment. If you are curious, we can discuss pricing over messages on DevForum or Discord.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or at my Discord via Seebass4#1575 (I am usually more active on Discord and it is preferred in most cases)

I do have school, so I am not available 24/7 and school is a main priority for me, yet I will try to dedicate most of my time to working on animations as long as I am not busy with other things.

Thanks for taking the time to look through my post!


@Seebass404 Sent a friend request on discord, name = hello!#1821! would love to work with you.