[OPEN] 4 Animator Jobs


I am in search for 4 animators for my upcoming sports game, RSA. Each animator will be responsible for a category (Basic, Skills, Celebrations, or Goalies).

What is RSA?

You are the team. Use your “ultimate team” and compete to be the best. Open packs to get better players. Play as yourself and thousands of other Roblox players to become the champions of the world. You create your own football/soccer team and use to it play others. Similar to a FIFA or PES style of gameplay.

What animations am I looking for?



  1. Pass with the right (inside foot)
  2. Pass with the left (inside foot)
  3. Shooting with the right
  4. Shooting with the left
  5. Bring the ball out of the air with foot
  6. Bring the ball out of the air with chest
  7. Tackle (left and right)
  8. Slide tackle (left and right)
  9. Side step (left and right)
  10. Header forward
  11. Header left
  12. Header right
  13. Header back


  1. Ball juggle (while standing)
  2. Foot fake (while standing)
  3. Cruyff Turn
  4. Body Feint Right
  5. Body Feint Left
  6. Stepover Right
  7. Stepover Left
  8. Reverse Stepover Right
  9. Reverse Stepover Left
  10. Drag Back (while standing)
  11. The Bridge
  12. Elastico


  1. Lewandowski’s ‘X’
  2. Dybala’s ‘Mask’
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Griezmann’s 'Cell Phone
  5. 'Knee Slide Fail
  6. Mannequin
  7. Piper
  8. Pogba’s ‘Dab’
  9. Stir the Pot
  10. Scorpion
  11. Workout


  1. Catch center middle
  2. Dive left middle
  3. Dive left top
  4. Dive left bottom
  5. Dive right middle
  6. Dive right bottom
  7. Dive right top
  8. Catch top middle
  9. Catch bottom middle
  10. 1 on 1 dive
  11. Punch (over bar)


Price is negotiable. Contact me and we can talk it over. Can only pay with ROBUX.

Contact me

On the dev forums
Twitter - @Bylocks52
Discord - Bylocks#7571


If @Reverse_Polarity isn’t busy, you should try and get him. He’d be able to do it if you pay him well enough.

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I highly recommend Johan!


Johan is super pricy but his quality is amazing.


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