[OPEN] 4 high paying roles [$5K+ USD / month] [$50 for referral]

:wave: Hi Developers,

We’re Novaly Studios, a team with 170M+ plays & Bloxy for ‘Best New Studio’. Last month, we partnered up with Statespace to bring Aim Lab (the most popular trainer on Steam) to the Roblox platform.

Open Roles

We have 4 open programming / engineering roles:

Software Engineer - Cross Platform

Domain: Mobile, XBox, Tablet, China launch

Software Engineer - PVP

Domain: PVP, Gun Engine

Software Engineer - Training & Stages

Domain: Training tool, training dungeons (stages)

Software Engineer - General Gameplay

Domain: Optimization, engineering efficiency, stability

About the Project - AimBlox

Aimblox is the first project on Roblox to bring a popular Steam game to the platform. In Aimblox, players can cooperatively aim train or fight against other players in competitive mode.

Competitive mode (FPS) gameplay

Aim Trainer gameplay

Gameplay Trailer

Aimblox has been in beta for about 1 month and has so far been played ~3.5 million times by over 1 million users

How to apply

Show us a link to projects you’ve previously worked on before. Reach out to us on Discord (TPC9000#0230), (NoAlias#0680) or @NovalyStudios. We’ll review and contact you shortly!

Must be 18 or older to apply.

For referral prize: $50 prize if we end up hiring your recommendation!


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