[OPEN] 4+ Years Experienced Builder | CodeZeroGamin

Hello, welcome to my portfolio. I am a builder on the Roblox platform with about four years experience. I’ve been working extremely hard to provide quality content to help improve the platform as it continues to grow and develop. I enjoy playing with many different styles from cartoony, to low poly, to realism. One of my favorite styles to play around with is definitely realism. However, much of my experience comes in the form of the cartoony style. Over the past couple months I’ve been playing around with Blender and testing what I can do to improve myself in 3D Modeling software. I can do many simple tasks using the program, but I am always willing to take a shot at improving myself in any way possible!

Some of my work can be found in the tabs below

Places I Have Worked For

The Dark Matter Studios - Roblox
P!nkish - Roblox
BeachBlox - Roblox
Horror Portals - Roblox
TalkingFriends - Roblox

Personal Projects

syners - Roblox
Midridge - Roblox

Images of Work

Range of prices: 5-100k+ Robux // USD $5-$500

All prices are flexible. I am willing to work with the project lead to come up with a price that’ll work for both myself and the customer. The price will be determined based on two factors: the amount of work needed to be done and the difficulty of the task at hand.

Payment types accepted:
USD or Robux

I can be reached through Twitter or Discord.

Twitter: CoodRblx

Discord: Ayden#2726

Long term projects will not be accepted.


Icons: @TO_X2C

Thanks for taking a look at what I can do. Hope to work with you soon!


Hey! This is unfortunate that nobody has responded yet! I really liked the last picture you posted, I’ve been looking for someone who can build in that style for a while now. I don’t currently need you right now, but I will when I get further into developing my game. Good job on the builds!


Haha, thanks so much! Can’t wait to hear more from you! :slight_smile: