[OPEN] 400R$/per drawing GFX/Digital Art for hire

About Me

My name is HASKYNEK you can call me HASKY , I am 14 years old and I try to learn to build better, UI design , GFX . I started developing on 14. February so it was recently but I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong here. I hope to find nice people with whom I could create the future of development in Roblox. More in my portfolio.

Example of my work



In the week 9 Am Est - 22.30 Am Est
At the weekend 7 Am Est - 19.30 Am Est


Prices may be negotiable. Prices are around 400 R$/per drawing.


You can contact me here on Discord: HASKY#8723

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

These Vectors logos are very lovely, I like them.

But the prices are high.
For the work you do, I think putting it down to 250 - 500 is a reasonable price.
But of course it’s you’re choice to do it or not.
Just a suggestion :smiley:

I know but im doing max 1.2k cause some ppl want harder things then this and im normal doing low prices its really not often hiring me for 1k

That is true, But 1k for a detailed Vector seems little bit over priced.

Maybe go for 500-600 Atleast.