[Open] 50-100k Hiring Scripter

About Me
Hello, My name Is Bloxwallet otherwise know as Ryan. I have been in the Roblox community for many years. I have been in the Roblox developer community for 4 ish years. I am an aspiring developer striving to make it to the top.

About The Job
I’m looking for someone to script an upcoming game I have been working on for a while.
What is needed?
Note: You don’t have to script the chassis I already have them made
Car only lets you enter the driver seat if you own the car (other players can enter the car but only in passenger seat if they don’t own the car.
Dealership system

Phone with 3-4 frames
Gamepass, boosts, currency shop
XP bar
Play screen (Like a loading screen but shows the map in the background blurred with the game title then has Play and a credits button
Admin panel

Everything else
Delivery mechanic
NPC’s roaming on repeat
XP system
Admin panel

At the moment I can only do Robux as payment and I will offer a percentage on top the payment we agree on.

Contact Information
Discord: Ryan.#0021 – (Best Way to contact me for fast response)
Discord Server (Make a ticket): Market Studios
Twitter: @Bloxwallet


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