[OPEN] [50-100k Robux] Pastriez™ 100k+ members: Hiring a Full Time Builder!

Hello! My name is Duckzye and I’ve been on the ROBLOX platform for more than 7 years! Around a year ago I started Pastriez, a ROBLOX roleplay bakery.

What’s Pastriez?

Pastriez is one of the most successful ROBLOX business groups on the platform! Upon joining the group you can either play as a Pastriez Peep or take your endeavors further and become a Cashier or Chef.
Our current member count is 108,000 members!

Check us out!

Job Description

We’re looking for a low-poly style builder to build us the next version of our bakery. We hope to maintain the a similar style as our V2 bakery. Screenshots will be provided below of our current version.


Keep in mind that these screenshots have our fall update in them.

- Proficient in building bakery/cafes for business groups.
- Discord account for communication.

- Decent amount of communication.
- Decent time management.


Payment will be decided upon further communication with the chosen candidate. We really don’t know how much to price this job for but we’re thinking 50k-100k ROBUX. We have a lot of ROBUX invested into our group so payment is not a problem.

Contact Information

My preferred form of contact is discord. My discord is ducky#6224. Please send me a PM on DevForum, that includes your discord username and tag, if you have messaged me or added me.

Duckzye :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


In this case, I would recommend @thisfall, he Is an awesome builder looking at his examples! :smile:


If there are atleast 2 builders i can help because i cant model/build everything
But im intrested

Added you im Aatlxs_Dev | Discord Sam🎄#8173

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I added you back! :slight_smile: I look forward to DMing you.

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This interests me, I think you already have me added on Discord so just drop me a DM if you want to proceed further with this, etc.


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Hi there! This topic really intrigues me.
My Discord Username is: Fabi#6839
I’ve just added you!

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I am intrigued if this opportunity is still available.


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This position is still avaliable!

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Hello FrostedDucky! This seems very promising, I however do not build. If you are in need of management or developer relations for your community, I’m available: [FREE!] WhoIsLords | Team/Group Management.

Good luck!


Should we be expecting a response if we haven’t been accepted yet?


I shot ya a DM! Very interested.

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I have added you on Discord Interveptic#0265

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This position is still open! We’re still looking for a builder!

This post has also been updated with payment details. 50k-100k payment

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I added you, and sent a message! ItsTannerTot#3018

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