[OPEN] 50-70 USD Tasty Freeze Builder Opportunity

About Us

Tasty freeze is an upcoming cafe looking to launch this year around late April. We are looking for a professional low-poly builder that has experience with building cafes and can 3D MODEL.

About The Job

The cafe should be a medium-large sized place with terrain & a small homestore/gamepass area. It would have terrain around the spawning area with players spawning on a dock. Theme would be winter since it would represent Tasty Freeze. Builders would need to require how to 3D model. I’m currently looking for this project to be done by around April 25th. I will give reference images/more details on discord about this project.


  • Must be at least 14+ of age
  • Must have a flexible schedule
  • Must be creative with ideas
  • Must have a portfolio/experience in making cafe-related maps.


The payment for the builder is alone 15,000-20,000 ROBUX. I could also do a payment method of 50-70 USD aswell. Please understand that once you do half the place, I will pay half and then once you complete it, I will pay the rest. I’ve gotten scammed many times & I’m really not trying to get scammed again, Thank you.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in this opportunity, feel free to add me on cord carli#5870. Please send me examples right away instead of waiting for me to respond! :grin:

If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to ask as well. :heart: :snowflake:


i am interested, ill add you on discord

If you don’t want to get scammed again i recommend telling the person to link there portfolio and look at the reviews and stuff if your already doing this than good

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yeah sorry you had to go through that.

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Hi, im interested also i’ve worked with Pastriez/Adopt and raise (cvibes)/#Unison To either model food for them or build massive sets of assets this is my porto [OPEN] skofall - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio

Here is my portfolio. I’m almost 14… [DESPERATE TO BUILD] sunkvss portfolio

I am 16 add me @ q_arn#4563. (30 Characters)

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