[OPEN // 5000R$] Looking for a LOW-POLY MOB MODELER!

About Us

Hello! We are Skyridge Entertainment, and we are developing an MMO that is based on Dungeon Quest, Vesteria, and The Legend of Zelda series!

The Team
@ryanisawesome25 - Head Developer/Scripter
@Spekull - 3D Asset Modeler
@Radalkcor - Animator

The Game
The game’s progress so far for those interested:

About The Job

This job requires you to be able to model many types of mobs from basic ones to detailed final bosses in dungeons. I will give you the general idea of the design that I want and expect you to be able to translate it smoothly. (Of course, I’ll also give you space for your own creativity in the design as well!) Here are some examples of the level of quality needed for the mobs: (Modelled by @Aukoo )


We are paying 2000R$ - 5000R$ for each mob created. The higher the quality the more Robux will be paid for the final product. Robux prices are of course negotiable. I only pay through Robux from group funds and not through any other sort of payment.

Contact Us

You will be required to show previous work and evidence of the process (To make sure your work is credible, and not snatched off a Unity asset pack for example). I may also ask you to complete a challenge to see if your abilities line up. You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/ryanisawesome25
Or preferably send me a message on discord :slight_smile: : ryann#6278


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