[OPEN] [50K+] Looking for Bakery Scripter

:cupcake: Hiring a Bakery Scripter
Greetings, my name is Sethifyed and I am the founder of an upcoming bakery on Roblox! Our main goal is to introduce new and innovative technology into the business industry.

:doughnut: About the Job
As a scripter, you’ll be tasked to program multiple advanced systems including a cash register system, baking system, point system, application system, custom admin commands and numerous other things.

If you are accepted into the position, I will most definitely elaborate further.

:cookie: Requirements

  • Must have 2+ years of experience coding in Lua
  • Must be willing to create a sample to prove your skill
  • Must be communicative
  • Must have a Discord account

:cake: Payment
I will not be providing payment before I fully receive the finished products of each system. This is not negotiable. Harassing me in the comments or blatantly being disrespectful is a waste of your time as I will not change this method regardless of the backlash I receive. I am ONLY paying in Robux.

Scripter - 50,000 Robux (may vary depending on quality of work and satisfaction)

:coffee: Contact
You can get in contact with me on Discord at Sethifyed#9821. You must be 13+ to apply.

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Portfolio : [CLOSED] Experienced Programmer | BadlyDev's Portfolio
Discord : BadlyDev#0001


You want someone to spend days, possibly weeks of their time scripting your game, then just hand it over with no guarantee you’ll pay them this huge amount of money anyway…? What

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I mean it is only each system so its not like its the whole game at once

Yeah it’s only 5+ systems, no biggie

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lol, I do see where you are coming from but it only looks like that I may be wrong as I am not them so take what I say with caution

If you don’t like the process, you have the choice not to apply. You commenting and criticizing is not going to do anything for anyone, as I specifically mentioned in the post.