[OPEN 7-10k ROBUX] Tasty Freeze Scripter Opportunity Ordering Queue

About Us

Tasty freeze is an upcoming cafe looking to launch this year around the beginning of February or the end. We are looking for a talented scripter who can script a ordering system, cafe machines & game passes.

About The Job

A ordering system will be the employee clicking on a computer once a customer orders. A UI will pop up and it will show different categories of the menu. For ex, Refreshments will have Teas and say the customer wants to order a black tea. The employee will click on the category of refreshments and click on Black tea and then another UI will pop up and say “Submit.” (Only three items are allowed to be ordered from a customer.) After they submitted the order, a UI will pop up on the customers screen saying “Did you order Black Tea from User ???”. After the customer accepts it, there will be a order queue in the kitchen which is an extra counter. The employee that serves this customer will only be allowed to start their order once they click on the order queue. They started their order, finished it, they go to the pick-up system & the employee puts all the items that the customer ordered on the counter outside the kitchen (Pickup system will be on a counter). Only the customer can click on that specific order, not another customer. Once they click on that order & the customer gets the items in their inventory, a UI will pop up saying “How would you rate Username’s Customer service? Rate one to three stars.” The customer will then rate three stars & the employee will get one point. If the customer gives the employee one to two stars, they get 0 points. Cafe machines will have ingredients + ingredients + ingredients to complete one item by touching each ingredient. Gamepasses will just include simple VIP, possible pets in the future, hoverboard, and etc. Yes, I did type a lot but I’m not looking for someone that doesn’t know how to script these things. Hopefully I made enough sense while explaining, that’s all the details. I have the UI’s made & the cafe machines, I just need them scripted.

Contact Me

carli#0001 is my discord. Thank you :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:

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