[OPEN] [700+ R$] Golden Legends is looking for new devs! Yo

About Us

Hi there! We are Golden Legends! A relatively big studio with over 300+ members! We have over 15k+ game visits and have grossed a large amount of robux!

The Team
@Icy7812 - Programmer
@Moonmonkey485 - Modeler/builder
@q1q167 - SFX Artist
@couldbeyou? - GFX Artist
@Couldbeyou? - Animator

About The Job

We are looking for mainly an animator but we are also taking a good Artist to help us on our new game called Escapists. The game is themed off of a clue/mystery game, Where you look for clues, find items to escape, before the killer finds you and kills you! We are looking for dedicated devs to help us throughout our new game!


We are paying 400 R$ for animation plus 15%
For the GFX Artist we are paying 330 R$ plus a percentage ONLY IF YOU WANT IT.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on Developer forum with your talent hub/devforum portfolio. Or you can contact me on discord: IcyRBLX#6269

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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