[OPEN] 700K Robux or 30% Scripter

Looking for an Advanced scripter who has experience on making roblox games. Looking for someone who has at least 1M visits contribution (don’t need to have 1M visits on your roblox profil)

Limit date for this is 1month, the game were supposed to release 2 months ago, but finally i have no script yet. If you have 1 day late i will hire someone else and provide a payment according to your work if you made more than 50% of the task asked

About Us

Hi, i am vGenede, i made comissions for some big studios and work as a modeler for the group “Paragon” with 1M+ membres. I recently created my own group to release my own games.
The Team
@vGenede - Environment Design
@CatPrincess_27 - UI

You can see a leak here:

##Hello, sorry for my bad english, i am french. So i am looking for an advanced scripter to script a full tycoon (no lag pls)
-Script buying buttons
-script upgrade button
-press a key to buy the button at a certain distance(modifié)
-script flying boat, must be good quality
-garden (plants cooldown, then harvest)
-shop system to buy seed
-script the uis
-script teleporter
-Game pass

All the tasks need to be completed in 30days after your started, don’t be late please.


I am paying [700,000] R$ For the completion.My preferred payment method is [Group funds or shirt).

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum
You must be 16 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey, I am confident about scripting everything on the list you gave and can finish it in time.
Here is my portfolio: Carbon | Professional LUA Programmer & Graphic Design


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