[OPEN] 7FIGURES is looking for a builder with high payment!

About Us:
Salutations! 7FIGURES is a group where we sell clothing, hangout place with essential scripts to support both our games. We are currently looking for a builder to make this possible as well as make it all come together.**

@vertsaint - Owner / CEO
@spookyraee - Co-Owner

What we are looking for:

  • Architect/Constructor
    We are looking for an experienced builder to construct an condo skyscraper with a condo vibe. There is no preferred style, we are opened to any different types of styles of building. This person is expected to complete our build within the given time, amazing communication, professionalism with the team and we expect the quality to be up to par as the negotiating payment.

We are requiring an huge skyscraper condo with and outdoor area and balcony area, roof top area as well as some hidden areas. Including a Gift shop, and a premium area We need the lighting to give off a night hotel vibe / party theme. Including cool little features/areas.

We’re requiring a builder by at least the beginning to the end of November.

It will be negotiated with our team and varies on the quality of the construction.

Contact Us!
We are looking for submissions of examples of your work in our dms through discord. If you are submitting game examples please provide an OPENED linked game.

You can contact these people below:


Thank you for reading and your interest!


Good evening! I’m interested, but I will need to get some answers first about this project.
I’m kirb.is.awesome#6974.

Stay safe,

I am quite interested, I have added you, sir.

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