Open a gamepass stand

The game : open a gamepass stand - Roblox

it’s a game where you open a booth to sell your gamepasses and you will earn some robux if someone donates.
You have to create the gamepass yourself to earn the robux.
I made it a few months ago and didn’t update it really but I wanted to post it here for feedback, I’ll hopefully start improving the game.

/deletestand, DONE
/changestandtype,(devproduct or gamepass)
improving design of the stand
new logo and add thumbnail

things that are done:

Feedbacks needed

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How will this work? From what I just read, you want players to create gamepasses and link them up to someone else’s game?

It’s basically a booth game to advertise your gamepass, people can buy the gamepass of the booth which the player has created

To create a stand just type in the chat
to delete it

So, would stand owners tell the player where the gamepass is located?

Looks interesting. I tried it out, but the stand looks a bit boring. Maybe you should put a place on the stand where the gamepass icon could be shown.

That’s, what I’m working on rn

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i really like the idea, hopefully the game will be as successful as Flex Your Account Age or Group Recruiting Plaza

Yeah, the only thing is missing is design and I’m working on it