[OPEN] (ACTIVE AGAIN) NOT_HlGH's Building Portfolio

About Me

Hello! My name is NOT_HlGH, (call me Jonathan) I’ve been on the Roblox community since 2012, and since 2017 I’ve been on studio. I’m offering my services as a builder with 3 years of Studio experience, but been really improving myself for 1 month.
The pictures you see are taken in this recent month of me building.

Builds / Models

Stuff that I've made



I am available for 4 hours on work days, and on weekends I am probably avalible for 6 - 12 hours. You can contact me any time


Prices are negotiable, but these prices are what I offer
Small build = 500R$ - 1000R$
Medium build = 1000R$ - 5000R$
Large build = 5000R$ - 10000R$

Map sizes
Small map = 2500R$ - 5000$
Medium map = 5000R$ - 10000R$
Large map = 10000R$ +

Keep in mind that all prices are negotiable. The price range is raised or lowered depending on how detailed the map/build is going to be.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: HIGH#2999

Thanks for reading! ~~ Jonathan


Greetings, your work looks fabulous, I’m interested in hiring you but have three questions in mind.

  • Do you make the outside yourself?
  • Do you take percentages?
  • AND finally, would you be interested in making a tropical coffee shop?

Make sure to include payment wise on stuff.

Can’t really give a price.

The outside is made by me and my friend. So is the whole map.
For further information add my discord. 0ctox#8789

yes I do take percentages
and yes I am intrested in making a tropical coffee shop.

I recommend putting the prices on the post, give a rough range for your work as its unclear to tell.

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Can you give pricing estimates? Ex: How much you might charge for the build in your portfolio?

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Sorry for not putting in a estimated price for you guys, I just didn’t know how much I wanned to put my Payment as. But right now, for a map I’ll say that it would be around 5k - 10k R$ per map


Hi, I love your work! I tried adding you on discord, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Would you mind adding me? I’d love you hire you. Discord:

Hope to talk with you soon!

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Yo! So sorry for that I didn’t reply to you. I was planning on quitting so I decided not to bother with Roblox anymore. BUT! I am officially back and building again. Feel free to contact me with my new Discord username. :smiley: