[OPEN] Advanced 3D Modeler

I’m interested in hiring / commissioning you for my game. I sent a friend request on discord, OtakuSim13#7069. Hoping to hear back from you.

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Added a link to a recent project of mine.

I would like to know how much would it cost to make a mid poly class 387 train?

Hey, for any specific questions, please DM me on discord or PM me on DevForum


He’s a nice guy to work with, he does what he’s told to, at a fair speed to a good standard while being affordable!

Although, he can improve on optimising some of his models to reduce poly and weapon positioning in his GFXs, which he has just started doing and already is improving on. Overall, I’d definitely recommend him!

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  • Added to High Poly
  • Edited Terms & Conditions

Added a PBR section and two examples in it.

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I asked DevourerOfBread to make some seasonal promotional items for my game Bloxy Bingo last month. He was very good at crafting the 3D sculptures, always taking time to craft them to perfection taking in mind feedback. I was very pleased with the models produced. It did take long than I’d have liked but I think this was mainly because we are in different timezones.

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Added more to Low Poly and Mid Poly.

Added an image to PBR section

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Added a really cool Electric Katana with animated electricity to the bottom of Mid Poly.

Discord Tag changed to: DevourerOfBread#1058

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Updated all Poly sections.

Added 2 new concepts to UGC Concepts

Updated High Poly and added Miniverse containing assets form my NFT collection called Miniverse.

Hello! I am extremely interested in hiring you for a commission for my next project! Here is my discord (TheKingFossi#7568). I am struggling to add yours. Thanks again.

I’m speaking for a friend, he wants to contact you for a model.
His discord is PhillipDev#7297.
Thank you!.

Hey. I’m interested in your builds, I’ve sent you a friend request on discord (Matt298#7876). I look forward to meeting you, thanks.

The miniverse section is extremely impressive!

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Now accepting USD as a payment method.