[OPEN] Advanced 3D Modeler

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as an Advanced 3D modeler. I can do everything but I’m most experienced in hard surface props.

Application Experience

Blender: 1.5 years
Photoshop: 1.5 years
Substance Painter: 7 months

Past Experience

I have been commissioned and/or hired by various people including groups big and small. Here are some of them:

-@SoulMonopoly | Universal Union (22k Members)
-@Upsetioz | Federal Bureau of Investigatiоn (81k Members)
-@Upsetioz | Northwood Correctional Facility (108k Members)
-@maxterful | Little Angels Daycare (602k Members)
-@centraltrains | Bloxy Bingo (750+ concurrent players)
-@Airashiyo | Church of Decay (150k+ Members)



Here you can see some of my paste work:

Low Poly

Mid Poly

High Poly



UGC Concepts

Fast Food Beats

Two Faced Mask

Head O’ Eyes

Grouchy Glasses



I am closed until August 15th and will be off of all platforms until then. You can dm me and send me a message saying you want something if you can wait until then.


Prices are negotiable, I accept payment per asset. My preferred payment method is robux via group funds or via t shirt but you must pay to cover the 30% tax as well. Limiteds are also an option but the value must cover the tax if I were to sell in relation to the robux amount of payment. USD via PayPal. NO SINGULAR PERCENT


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at DevourerOfBread#9219

By contacting me you agree to the following

Terms & Conditions
  • I will revise models if they do not comply with original instructions but if you want me to add new stuff without extra payment at the end, I won’t do it if it wasn’t in the original instructions (unless it is something small).

  • For big orders, you must send video proof of your payment method (ex. Showing your group funds with you refreshing).

My Singnatures/Watermarks

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Gets work done quickly. Highly recommend him.


How much do you charge for a custom rigged character?


It depends on the detail level and if it’s R6 or R15, if it needs a lot of armor and accessories, etc. Most likely around 1k but it could be lower or higher. If you would like to tell me the details of it please DM me on Discord.


Note: Updated the showcase section.

very reliable, fast work. also theyre rlly good xd


How much for a mat 64 train 2 cars interior with two seats hallway two seats like a second class train?
it has to drive but you don’t have to script it

Please DM me on discord for commissions so we don’t clog up the post.

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Added a UGC concepts sections. Also commissions are re-opened.

I sent you a friend request on Discord, if you’re still looking for work.


High Details

Look in the actual post.

thats v e r y c r u e l sir :c


Removed outdated work from the post.

Added more to high poly and mid poly sections.

Builds get done with excellent quality and fast, very reliable, and responds pretty quickly!

Highly recommend them!

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Very good, high quality work! High recommend him as well.

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Updated High-Poly section.

Added a few new things to Mid-Poly

How much would you charge to make a cash register like this:

750+ depending on how detailed you want it. Please continue this conversation in PMs or on discord to not clog up the chat.

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