[OPEN!] Advanced Game Scripting and Programming

About Me

Hello! I am Crcoli737, an experienced Roblox Programmer, Web Designer, and Application Developer. I specialize in 8 programming languages including Python, HTML, CSS, Bash, and Lua. I can also code x86 Assembly, C#, and JavaScript. However, right now, I am only accepting Scripting on Roblox games. I have been making Roblox games for over 3 years now, I have created thousands of scripts, and I am hoping to be a developer for a big game some day.


All of my works are listed on the below website:


Tuesday-Sunday: 12pm-9pm
Monday: 12pm-4pm (Tentative)


I accept Group Funds and T-Shirts. My preferred payment method is Group Funds.


For short-term jobs, pricing is done per script. For long-term jobs, pricing is calculated per hour, normally about 100-150 Robux per hour, depending on the amount of work required. I only accept percentages in addition to the hourly/per script rate.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum by replying to this topic or by Personal Messaging me. You may also contact me on Discord, Crcoli737#1875. Please do not waste my time, if you know that you can’t pay, don’t contact me.

Warmest Regards,
Web Designer, Programmer, Game Creator
Founder of Fenix Software Organization
Founder of LuaHub Organization


Hello I would love to work with you!

Here is my discord: dreaming#6503

have a great day!

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Hi, I would like to hire your services. Please contact me with Discord!

Discord: aki#2173

Have a good day!

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I have contacted you on discord.

I have also contacted you via discord.

Hello I would love to work with you!

Here is my discord: GodClinto#2009

have a great day!

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Hello I would like to hire you, please contact me on Discord.
Discord: Félix#6119
Have a nice day.

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I have contacted you via Discord.

I have sent you a friend request on Discord, awaiting approval.

I’m interested in hiring you for my game you can either contact me here on the dev forum or on discord @Redbubba_Dev#1090.

Portfolio Reopened

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Hey @Crcoli737 ! I can only talk on discord and I’m interested in working with you. Please add me if possible. Trophane#8773

hello how r u? i am fine
if you are intrusted please dm me on discord: BadBoyHype#0052

-Regards H_OmgYT

Hello I would like to hire you

my tag is trumbama#1779

Topic Bump, Portfolio is Now Open!

Hey! I’d like to work with you on a open world Japanese rpg, please let me know if you’re available so we can get into details.

Portfolio Reopened!

Portfolio reopened to make some money before school starts back here in a few weeks!