[OPEN] Advanced Programmer (3 years experience)

about me

Hi! I’m velkuo and I’ve been scripting for nearly 3 years now! I’ve worked on many kinds of projects, however I primarily prefer to work on fighting games as horror games and I have the most experience with them, but I can work on different kinds of projects depending on what you need!

I’m mainly available from 3pm to 1am PST.

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Here are some examples of my work

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Prices are negotiable, I only accept hourly pay or per asset. Minimum payment for entire job must be at least 5k robux or 25 USD. I do not accept percentages

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My main method of contact is discord, you can reach me there at v_v#3435, however you can also contact me on devforum but you may not receive as quick of a response!
When messaging me please immediately state the information about the job and everything you need.


Vouch. Created a region3 hitbox module to my liking within a couple hours.

Would highly recommend.


I would definitely recommend @velkuo for your scripting needs. They provide the scripts quickly, and very neatly. I’ve ordered many times from them and I have to say 10/10 service. The prices are also very reasonable and like I’ve said before, the delivery time is miraculous! :smiley:

Realized that I made this in a reply :man_facepalming:

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Are you currently taking commissions?

Hey man! I’m interested I sent a friend request on discord, my tag is Cooper#4785!

Edit: Just worked with v_v, And I gotta say I was blown away by how easy and communicative he was. Super quick as well and totally blew my expecations. Highly Recommend, and I’m totally coming back for seconds :smiley: