[OPEN] Advanced Scripter - alextubbaa

Hey there! I have been on ROBLOX since 2013 and I have been scripting for over 6 years. I am currently active and able to create almost anything. I consider myself an advanced scripter. I am experienced in datastores, UI tweening, camera manipulation, OOP, physics, and other aspects of scripting. If you have any questions be sure to ask!

Here you can view some examples:

Monster Defense (2021, Solo Developed)

Play Here!

Horse Academy (2021)

Play Here!

Troop AI (2021)

Play Here!

Among Us(2019/2020)

Play Here!

Spiderman Concept (2019, Solo Developed)

Pokemon Based Game (2019)

God Simulator (2016-2018, Solo Developed)

![Roblox 2020-11-13 21-34-15|video|(upload://nBfeEZKhnxqq5Bo6H0m5NzYBm6X.mp4)


I am able to work 2-7 hours a day. This time range is dependent on school, and other life activities. Most of the time I will have a lot of extra free time on weekends. If I give you an estimate on when I will be done, it will be done by then 90% of the time. I work fast and efficient to make sure my clients are happy.

I prefer larger projects, difficulty doesn’t matter. The prices for these depend on the difficulty and the time range. Pay is asked to be segmented, so to make sure nothing happens. I will show you the system, then ask to be paid the rest. Once I am paid I will transfer the system into whatever place you want it in. Payment can be transferred using cashapp.
CashApp - Pay $alextubba on Cash App

Discord - alextubba#0200
Email - alextubba@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey there, I love your portfolio. Here are some suggestions

  • Make the portfolio look attractive with images and fonts
  • 500 Robux is very less increase it
  • Show more in your showcase part

Alright, thanks for the feedback! Means a lot. I will add those right now!


He does work efficiently and changed to every request I had! Good person to commission!


hey! your discord seems to be outdated

add me: dommomma#7151

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I would love to work with you I added you on discord (WubbyDubDubz

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I’ve been working alongside Alex for a while now and he’s the most creative and imaginative programmer I have seen. I never have to blow off any ideas he has because they’re always constructive and innovative. Along with his creative side, his programming knowledge is extensive and I haven’t run into any problems yet where he’s unaware of how to get a task done.