[OPEN] AI Fish Scripter Needed! [50K R$]

Hello there. We own a decently popular game called Era Of Terror, which is a game that involves survival as a dinosaur on a harsh island environment. We have been working to make this game the absolute best it could possibly be on ROBLOX, and if you want to check it out, here’s a link.

We are currently looking for an experienced scripter to create a script that allows a fish model (Will be provided after hired) to swim around a certain area realistically. This system would have to include:

  • The ability for the fish to swim freely and realistically through water with it’s swimming animation.
  • Multiple fish forming schools with eachother and swim together.
  • Fish and/or fish schools being able to migrate across certain regions of the map.
  • Fish swimming away whenever a character comes close, but some wiggle room has to be given if a player approaches the fish really fast.
  • Fish being able to swim faster than normal with the swimming animation speeding up accordingly when they have to escape a predator.
  • Fish AI turning off and the fish ragdolling after it’s caught by a predator.
  • Fish spawning into random areas on the map every hour or two.

Payment is 50,000 robux through group payout in the EOT group. Further details can be provided upon contact.

We mainly work through Discord, so if you are interested in the job, contact Titanus Destoroyah#7024 . Please show a portfolio after your friend request has been accepted, and you will be selected if your work is deemed to fit our style.

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I’ve recently made an RNG weather system that includes both light rain and thunderstorms.
The rest can also be added easily with my current set up.

I’ve sent you a friend request on discord in case you want to delve into further details.

Are the skyboxes and everything provided? If so, I’d be happy to do this.

For clarification, the replies currently here are from a past application.

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