[OPEN] Aleayx Social Management Portfolio

Hello. | Updates of PTFL:

Portfolio updated at this date as new experience gained at a few groups. Feel free to contact me with the updated Discord.

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About Me.

I have been developing and moderating since 2017 in my first account. However, I left that account and moved to my now, new account, DeaddCorpsee.


Every quality that I list down, is proven. I prove those qualities in my work environment daily.

  • I always try my best of me every day to give the best service possible to the community.
  • I know how to be beneficial and cause a positive impact on the community where I work.
  • I know to promote a positive environment in my workplace.
  • I have patience in difficult situations.
  • In case there’s an issue with anything, I will do my best to work on it.
  • I have past experience, and I know to do my job and complete the tasks that I’m given in a good range of time.
  • I’m very good at working under pressure.
  • I’m professional every time it’s required.
  • I have good communication skills.
  • I always try to be as organized, and that the information given to my coworkers has an amazing quality, so they can understand what I exactly want to get to.
  • I’m deeply mature, but I make everyone be in an environment where they can express how they feel about anything.
  • I know 3 languages. Spanish, English, and Romanian.

Past Experience:

If you want evidence of me working there, feel free to DM me and I’ll send you the evidence.

The places are listed in importance and relevancy order.

  • Actual Corporate Officer at Cream, a group that counts with 127K active members.

  • Actual Discord Moderator for Roblox Talent Show, a group that counts with over 1 million active members.

  • Former HR and Staff Leader at Black Lives Matter group (350K).

  • Moderator and Event Manager at Netflix (Discord Invite: Netflix).

  • Intern of Moderation and Language Developer at Español (180K).

  • Member of the Roblox Beta Program (1K).

  • Member of the Public Relations department and collaborator at Zombie Task Force (18K participated in the Roblox Metaverse Champion event).

  • Former HR at Kavra’s Kingdom (1M).

  • Helped to fix the Spanish translation of Freeze Tag (1,3M).

  • I have been working on Paint 'N Guess (40K) as Junior Moderator.

  • I have been working at Halection’s Clothing (6K) as a Community Manager. Since then, the owner sold it to another owner. The first owner was Lohecle.

  • Got the opportunity to be Management Intern at Stewed - Roblox 2 times. (37K)

Payment Metod and Information.

If I have the opportunity to get payed for this, it would be great. But no worries if it’s not possible. I accept Robux and PayPal.


You can contact me through Discord, my Discord is erased#5662

Thank you for reading till here, hope you’re interested about me!

  • Added Freeze Tag experience info.

You were saying nobody would come and hire you in another topic. I think this is why. The reason for this is because there were only about 3 examples and they were all showcasing the same them. You might want to try different themes because especially for your builds, while they are good, they are just not usually what players are looking for. You could build a futuristic theme, a medieval theme, and much more. Another problem is your build seems to be a bit plain, adding some detail on the inside of the building would help.


Wait so moderation cost money when people can do it for free?

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what??? what are you talking about.

Depending on the qualities of the server, the available money and everything, I would ask for a payment or not.