[OPEN] Amnestics / German Translator for Hire

About Me

Hi there, I’m Amnestics. I am a native German speaker living in Switzerland and offer localization services. I have compiled this little post to convince you to translate your game to German!

Why choose me over other German translators?

I have lived my whole life in the German sphere and always communicate and write in perfect German. My English, too, is fluent. I picked up the language from an early age, leading to it becoming like a second native tongue to me. I will always ask for the correct interpretation of a word and make sure everything is correct before finalizing the order. I can and will always be communicative and work with you as much as I can.

Why should you translate your game?

The main audience of Roblox games are children, which often only speak their mother language. Translating your game to German or any other language will guarantee a wider audience and thus increased views, players and monetization. German is one of the main languages supported by Roblox.

Why not automatic translation?

Automatic translation often misinterprets metaphors as being literal. Words have many meanings in German and thus it is important to know the context so that you can choose the correct translation. Artificial Intelligence does not have these capabilities and is thus inferior to manual translation.

Previous Work

Work At A Pizza Place (3 Billion visits, front page)
Robloxian High School (1 Billion visits, front page)
City of Rolantis (8.9 million visits, official Roblox event)
Mo’s Academy (4+ million visits, front page)

I can show proof of work on these projects.


My availability varies but these are usually the times you can find me online and at my computer.


  • Weekdays : 6PM - 10PM
  • Weekends: 1PM - 12AM (Midnight)


I charge 50R$ A/T or 0.50$ paypal per string. Depending on the game, I also accept % share of revenue.


Please contact me via Discord. My username is: Amnesticus .
Thanks for reading. I look forward to working with you! :slight_smile:

  • Updated Title and Description

I’m open for orders now, feel free to contact me.

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Orders open after translating SamsonXVI’s new game, Mo’s Academy!

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