[OPEN] Animal accessory & hair creator

Hi everyone! I’m hiring some developers to expand my team for an upcoming game.

The task: You’ll be creating manes, tails and/or accessories for a roleplaying game we’ve been working on for a while. Currently, only ponies are available but further types of animals are planned in the future. Map asset builders are also welcomed but are not as high-priority right now. Please specify what you wish to create if you decide to apply.


These are manes, tails & accessories created by my current developers.

You’ll be making ones similar to this, and there are three methods of doing so:

Method 1: Utilizing pre-made meshes that will be provided to you to ‘build’ manes and tails out of.
Method 2: If you’re adept with software like Blender, you’re free to make them there.
Method 3: Unions are acceptable but are generally discouraged as they cannot be fit as correctly to the character models.

Please note that your builds may be modified to better suit the character models if required, but you will still be credited and paid.

Payment: Current base payment is 1,000 Robux per set of matching mane and tail or 500 Robux per accessory, this is entirely negotiable depending on complexity and quality.

Contact: Please contact me here on the DevForum if you’re interested with screenshots and/or a portfolio of your past work. I may take a while to respond as i’ve got a lot going on, but if you seem suitable for the job i’ll get back to you.


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