Open Animation for loot boxes and more

Open Animation module

For loot boxes, crates, chests, etc.

Hello developers!

Does your game have a loot box system? Then this may be the module for you!


Firstly, get the module here and insert it into your game via the toolbox.
Then create a LocalScript in StarterGui or somewhere else on the client and require the module:

local OpenAnim = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.OpenAnimation)

You can play the animation with this function:

local OpenAnim = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.OpenAnimation)


The function takes a dictionary with a range of properties as argument, let’s look at an example.

local OpenAnim = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.OpenAnimation)

		ItemName = "Azure Sword",
		Rarity = "Legendary",
		ItemModel = game.ReplicatedStorage.Models.AzureSword,
		ItemType = "Sword",
		RarityColor = Color3.fromRGB(71, 212, 0),

Possible properties:

string ItemName (required)

string Rarity (required)

Instance ItemModel (required)

string ItemType

Color3 RarityColor (Default: Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255))

bool Skipable (Default: true)

Here is an example game, it is uncopylocked.

More is definitely to come, as it is currently in beta. Please reply with feedback, suggestions, bugs, improvements, etc.
I hope it comes in handy! :slightly_smiling_face:


i wont have loot boxes but i will have rare items.

Seems great, I really like it but the text is a bit off as the way it speeds into the screen or something.

I don’t understand, what do you mean with a bit off?

it looks really cool, I will probably use it for my games in the future

Thank you for your feedback! :smile:

Aw man I need something like this so badly! I was thinking of making a Packing system for my FIFA like game and this will help so much! Thank you for making this!

Nice that it will be useful for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is great. What did you use to

  1. make the item into a GUI?
  2. make that GUI spin?

Thank you if you can help.

It is simply a model in a ViewportFrame and the camera in the ViewportFrame rotates around it.
I used a script by EgoMoose that calculates how far away the camera has to be from the model so that it fits in the frame.

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Looks very nice! Though I have one suggestion:
When the text gets bigger, don’t just make it invisible, slowly tween the transparency. It will look smoother in my opinion.

Thanks for your suggestion, that’s a great idea! I will definitely try this in a few days when I have time.

Hey this is really neat! My only question is, would there be a way to implement more than one item in said loot box? Basically the loot box contains four things instead of just one, so would the sequence need to show one item after another or is there a way to have all four show up on screen?