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RoCurse Recruitment Post

Putrid Souls Info:

Hello, thanks for reading, We are Putrid Souls a recently founded group that’s working on anime games and our first ever anime game is going to be a Jujutsu Kaisen Based game called RoCurse. This game will consist of locations, game-play and visuals in general all drawn out of the anime and manga of Jujutsu Kaisen. We’re a new upcoming game development team and we’re looking for a strong team of Animators, Modellers and Programmers. We’re also searching for UI Designers who are looking to join our group and make us some horror based GUIs.

You may DM us if you’d like to know or see for yourself our progress so far. (Please only DM 1 of us)

About The Job Spaces:

We do not accept anybody that is 13 years old or below.
We are looking for several professional developers to help us focus on intricate details of the way our game works. We’re searching for:

  • 2 advanced Animators
  • IMPORTANT: Cheap UI Designer
  • Environment Builder
  • IMPORTANT: VFX Artist! effects creator
  • IMPORTANT: Monster Creator (Modeller)

Good communication and mutual respect is demanded. We oversee performance daily and strive to keep a positive relationship with each other. Do NOT try to criticise anyone in the team working on a different aspect of the game than your own - focus on your job. Our game needs at least 30 new assets completed by the end of this month. We expect each asset will take about 1 hour for animators but longer for VFX artists and environment builders. We expect everyone who applies for a place with us to start watching the anime to grasp an idea of how to fulfil their own roles within the game. (26 episodes only)


Depending on what role you play in helping our Dev team you’ll be paid differently. Our preferred payment method is percentages but we’re extremely negotiable. However, if we do not collect your assets from you we won’t be obliged to pay but we most likely will.

Contact Info

  • Developer Forum

  • Discord:
    Vik#0883 - Overall Chairman (Me)
    Nighthunter#3053 - Discord Manager
    Kaymx#6666 - Discord President
    kiim#4592 - Promotion Secretary - Head of Executives
    [Shinja_kun]#2644 - Head Scripter (Your boss)
    (Do NOT DM all of us please)

  • Game Email: RoCursestaffteam@gmail.com

  • Email: Raionobi@gmail.com

  • Twitter: @PutridSouls

Thanks for your time reading. :grin: :

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