[OPEN] Apexodes / GFX and logo designer Commission Sheet

About Me

Hello there! I’m Apexodes, and I’m a GFX and logo designer who’s been doing this for a few months now.


If you want me to make any other type of GFX (such as game thumbnails or youtube banners) feel free to ask


I am usually available for 4-6 hours during the week and 6-8 hours during the weekend.


Prices are 200 :robux_gold: for icons and logos and 400 :robux_gold: for ads. As I said before, if you want me to make another kind of GFX, feel free to ask me and I’ll give you the price.
You can pay me either through group funds or shirt (tax included).


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via twitter (@apexodes_) or via discord (Apexodes#4399).

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


What CTR have your ADs gotten if you know this?

Hey there,

Very nice work you have presented!

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I’ve worked with him, he’s a very good person, with good communication skills, and he takes your order very fast and he makes it very fast! Totally recomended.

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