{OPEN} Art Commissions!

Hello there! My name is Novareia, and I’m open for art commissions! My work is all 2d, hand-drawn and digitally colored. I’ll draw roblox avatars, characters or people from your games, or any other things you’d like me to draw. I will only draw SFW characters, and no blood or gore.

Some previous examples:


Headshot: 50 robux
Torso and up: 100 robux
Full-body: 150 robux

Prices might increase based off of project complexity.

Thank you for reading, and please contact me on discord if you’re interested! My username is Novareia#1610


Hello, do you do male avatars? Do you have any examples?

Hello! Yes, I will draw male avatars. I have an example from a previous commission, here:

(The watermark is there since this is a previously paid commission)

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Still available? discord: Jarts#6732

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