[OPEN] Auliquid | Building & Modelling portofolio

Hey! I’m Auliquid but people usually call me Auliq. I always enjoy building as well as modelling! i’ve been into 3D modelling since 2017 and building on studio platform for 3 years. I spend most of my time searching for new ideas and inspirations! for this year i want to achieve my goals such as making my own texture (hand-painted) and creating an open world type of game.

Here are some examples of my works :

Fairytale Environment

KrisnaCon Interior

Encanto inspired homestore

Indonesia Restaurant (Unfinished)

(Low-poly) Medieval Village

Oasis The Project (Unfinished)

School Build

3D Clothings



Nature Assets



If you want more references, feel free to ask on my discord : kakaolik123#8546


  • Remember that i’m not a fulltime builder nor modeller due to school and my daily activities, but you can contact me anytime you want.

  • for the weekdays i’m available around 4-6 hours, and for the weekends i’m available from 7-9 hours a day.

  • WIB (Western Indonesian Time) is the timezone where i live.

Apparently for now i’m only taking Robux or USD (via Paypal)

  • Maps/Builds prices range from 30k-100k :robux: or 35$ - 350$ USD – depends on the complexity of the build

  • Prices per asset (including props and accesories) can range from 500-3k :robux: or 1.75$ - 10.50$ USD

  • 3D Clothing range from 3k-15k :robux: or 10$ - 52.5$ USD

RECENT NOTES (21/06/2022) :

  • Currently i only accept payment with USD and preferably through paypal.

  • I don’t accept percentages.

  • I’ll make sure to send you my progress frequently as i develop more.
  • I take constructive criticism really well since it’s a part of development (i will try my best to fulfill your needs and succeed your expectations)
  • Let me know first if you have specific date as a deadline so i can make a schedule and keep everything organized.
  • Payment must be received after i have finished your commissions or due to the deadline.

You can contact me on my discord where i’m active the most
Discord : kakaolik123#8546
you can also send a dm directly here!

Looking forward to work with you! :smile:


Hey im interested please add me on discord cit#2171

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added! but currently it’s still closed, I’ll make sure to inform you when i re-opened it!

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Hired them for a quick blender 3D modelling job. They produced amazing results in record time and quickly adjusted for any tweaks I asked. 5 stars would definitely recommend.


I’m open for short-term commission! (Taking robux only)

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Hi! I’m interested I sent you a friend request on Discord.

Open to any type of commission! :smile:

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