[OPEN] Avid GFX Designer

Looking for an Avid GFX Designer

About The Job

Hi there! I am SoftwareEngine, the owner of a hibachi restaurant called Kohaú, we are looking for a new GFX designer as our current is very egotistical and sloppy when it comes to our group. They put limited effort into making the group’s graphics and it really frustrates me that some designers which consider themselves ‘big’ can get away with charging a high amount for such a low quality graphic. Thus we’re looking for a graphic designer who is willing to put their full effort into their work.

The Team
@zuffhy - Architect
@valchip - Scripter
@SoftwareEngine - UI
@SobSyphix - Modeler
@ScriptedJulia - Developmental Overseer

You can see our progress so far here: https://twitter.com/SoftwareRBX


We can discuss this in private messages or on discord, contact me @ twitter or En.#8014

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I am able to disclose that we are paying 5,000R$ for you to join our team and if needed, a %.

It would be great to work for you
DISCORD:artist- gfx-2D-foxy681864#4367

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