[OPEN] avoidingsolo's Programming Portfolio


:wave: Hey! I am @avoidingsolo, a well-known Lua programmer on the Roblox platform with knowledge of Python, JavaScript, as well as Swift code. I have a deep interest in programming, especially for Hotels/Cafes/Restaurants. I have been scripting for 2 years+ on Roblox and have previously worked with many large groups/games with constant players! I have contributed to more than a million visits to the games I have programmed.



Whiskers n' Cream
Solera Hotels and Resorts

I previously worked as a Programmer at Solera Hotels and Resorts. Something Iโ€™ve made for them:
Cannon Parachuting System - YouTube
Solera Hotels & Resorts - Roblox

Waypoint Hotels

I programmed for Waypoint Hotels a while back. Even though I did not code their entire game, I made some GUIs and Scripts for them, such as the Car GUI, Daily Rewards GUI, Shop GUI, Twitter Codes GUI. I scripted these GUIs as well.

Waypoint Hotels - Roblox

Flex your Swords or Steal Time

I made multiple system scripts for this game, as well as fixing bugs that popped up.

Flex your Swords or Steal Time - Roblox


I scripted for Waterworld, previously owned by Zionevans, the ex-owner of Solera Hotels & Resorts. I made multiple scripts for them, such as their pet system, shop, ticket system, and more.

waterpark [WaterWorld] ๐ŸŒŠ - Roblox

Belterra Social Club

I coded their GUI, leaderstats, cash systems, shop systems, level systems, and gamepasses.

Landmark Creations - Roblox

Jaime's Restaurant Franchise

I have made some scripts for this successful restaurant group as well.

Paradi - Roblox


SCP Keycard Door System

Fling All DevProduct

Working Clock, can be set to any timezone.

Rules Board, comes along with music and rank restrictor.

Join Notifier, all players will be notified when certain ranks join the game.

No Collide

Tip Jar

Cooking System


Uniform Handlers

Can be done in the forms:

  • Automatically makes a player wear the uniform when they join a game.
  • Makes a player wear the uniform when they step on a pressure plate.
  • Makes a player wear the uniform when they click a button, as shown below.

I can code the NPC to:

  • Dance.
  • Talk.
  • Update the outfit every time the player changes their avatar.
Equip Tool

Can be done with:

  • ProximityPrompt
  • ClickDetector
  • Others
Global Notification Command, Rank Restricted

Ranks and other information about the speaker can be included in the GUI as well.

Region Restricted GUI

Enter room for cutscene

Game Introduction

Drawing Function


:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Please note that I have coded for many other games that may not be listed here. Some assets may have been reproduced, but I can assure you that these assets were fully scripted by me.


:clock1: I am available at all times on the weekends! You can contact me any time, but I am usually busy during the week. However, I will still be able to make progress every day, depending on how busy I am.


Updated Prices + Terms and Conditions

  • :moneybag: Prices are negotiable, I accept either weekly pay or per script. My script prices are negotiable, but usually, I charge about 50 USD / 5k$ per script or 100 USD / 10kR$ per week for long-term scripting. My preferred payment method is PayPal, but Robux is accepted too.
  • :exclamation: I must be given full credit if I contributed to your game.
  • :money_with_wings: You will be required to make a down payment before I begin working on the script.
  • :x: I usually do not take % of the gameโ€™s revenue. But I may take % if I see a lot of potential in your game and a lot of money is going to be invested in the game. However, as mentioned above, I will still need a down payment.



Thanks for reading! Have a great day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just seeing this now, but the Equip Tool script link and the Region Restricted UI link are the same one.

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Agreed, I donโ€™t see how there is a difference.

thanks for letting me know, it will be changed right away