[Open Basic Builder and Gui builder]

About Me

Hello I am a builder I have been making games on roblox since 2016 but I am happy to build anything for you right now!

I am also good at making guis however I can not script them


You can see my projects here Net Games Hotel V30.5 - Roblox

Here are some of my recent work I have been working on which is a race game.


I am available Monday to Wednesday by 4pm - 8pm GMT

Thursday - Sunday 1pm - 10pm (time may vary I may be busy on some days but I am useally online all the time and responding to my messages)


Prices can vary and change at anytime of course for basic work I am happy to work for 50-100 robux or if its a bigger project the price will increase depending on the work.

I am happy to work per asset.

I don’t accept real money at the time of moment.

I accept group payment

Or shirt payment or game pass payment (including tax)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord CorruptDetected#9384

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Update : here is my current build on my racing lobby game lots more to come but here the design so far.

Not sure when I will complete it though