Open Beta Ragdoll Game Feedback needed!

Why hello there! I need some help getting feedback for my new game, Ragdoll Island. It’s in open beta, and things are bound to change, but I will need your help to make sure the game is going to be at it’s highest potential when I feel like releasing the game. I can change things around, and please remember it’s an open beta, and you can always be as tough as possible while telling me feedback.
Here’s the game: Ragdoll Island [Yeet's Klub] - Roblox

This is pretty satisfying to play.

Some issues I found however:
I’d suggest turning down the sunrays and distance blur, since they’re just a hinder to the view.
Spamming the sword results in the player flying and infinitely floating, both when ragdolled and not.
The sword in the first slot has no icon (unsure if this is a bug or not implemented yet)

I was thinking of doing this, and since it’s pretty easy, I can begin doing this about now.

I’m probably going to remove the slashing makes you go forward, or add a cooldown to the slash, or just revamp the way the sword works.

It is currently not implemented yet, and will be changed once I know exactly what to do for an icon

Thank you for the feedback though!
EDIT: I have now fixed the sunrays/distance blur being annoying, and I have attempted to fix the sword flight by making it put you a bit lower than you were, and I will try to fix the being ragdolled issue, but I am unsure if I can fix something as complex as this glitch. The sword icon will be missing for a tiny little bit, but I have tried my best to fix these issues.

Sword just slows you down if you click while walking

theres a lot of z-fighting throughout the map
(mb for replying 7 days late)

I would improve the icon/thumbnail art

It’s still a beta, and I will improve it on full release.