[OPEN] Big potential - Looking for talented builder and artist

About Us

Hi there! I’m TriggerThirst, owner and creator of Hidden Powerup. My current portfolio consists of Fart Attack, Haunted Hunters, Pet Island, Escape the Amazing Kitchen, and Present Simulator. I have been developing on Roblox solo for about the past three years. If you’ve played any of my games it would probably be fairly obvious my main talent is as a scripter (my day job has been as a software engineer for the past 15+ years). I am not however great at building or artwork. I would like to find people to collaborate with that match my vision and can help me achieve my goals.

The Team
@TriggerThirst - Right now I do everything but do occasionally outsource a few things.

You can see and play my games here https://www.roblox.com/groups/3485404/Hidden-Powerup#!/about

About The Job

Ideally I would love to find a talented builder/designer/artist but I am willing to split up work among various individuals if it makes sense to do so. The work could be on my existing games or it could be brand new ideas. I have a large number of partially finished prototypes and many more ideas.

I understand Roblox as a platform has a lot of young people and people just starting out. I’m not opposed to working with someone with minimal experience but I expect high quality builds that adhere well to the vision I’ve set forth in my games and you need to be able to showcase your talent. This is very much a part time side hobby for me still at this point so the work is not going to be super structured. I’ll need someone that is self motivated and driven with a great vision and creativity. I am pretty serious about working towards making this a fulltime job for me and I need someone I can work with that will help push me closer to my goals.

If you are interested in chatting please respond with what you are looking to do and point me towards any prior experience you have or ideally a portfolio of your work.


Payment will preferably be through robux. I’m open to commissions or partnerships/percentages if its a new game.

Contact Us

Please respond to this post with examples of your work and what you are looking for.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

P.S. I do not want to come across as rude but I am a full-time father and have a full-time demanding software engineering job. My time on Roblox in the evenings is often times very limited. In an effort to save time (for all parties) please respond with a simple link or information to any kind of portfolio or sample work youve done and what role you would like to fill for me and I’ll reach out when I have time if I see something I think would be compatible. At this moment I do not have time to have general discussions with everyone. If my post and what I’m looking for is not descriptive enough please let me know. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


hello, I’m an artist, gfx and 2d, I have the requirements to do this job, good luck

I am a builder, and I sent you a friend request on Discord so we could talk more. (NovaCoepta#9419)

I’m definitely interested in applying as a builder! Add me on discord @Slurpsy#9209. Here is a link to my portfolio: Iimakedamodels' building/3d modelling portfolio (OPEN)

Heelo i am a builder and i can work with you

I would be interested to apply for a builder, I can 3d model as a beginner but I have been doing building for a long time now.

I’m currently a builder looking for some decent development work, and I think this could be a good next step in my own Roblox development career a few years down the line for myself…

I’m skilled enough in my opinion to take this on, and I’m not fazed by the age gap/difference at all. Not a traditional low poly stylist in the most obvious sense nor a modeller but I think I’m experienced within similar styles and I optimise my builds where needed.

(I will have a lot of time in July and August to fulfil most of the building positions)

My Twitter is currently @squidzyee and I’ll make sure to open up my DMs on there too.

I can vouch for Squidzyee. I’ve worked with him before, both for things relating to development and non-development; and I can say he is talented in these fields. I gave him a similar vouch in his portfolio:

n.b. BarryYeeBenson is his former username

Hey boss, I would be much interested in taking this big potential. There will be a link to my recent made portfolio hope you see what you like.
XE17 Builder,Mesh,Maps,Models Portfolio (Updated)

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