[OPEN] BluestOfFlames - Beginner Scripter

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio! I am 14 years old, and I have been developing on the Roblox platform since summer/fall of 2020. Below you can find some of my work, as well as other important info!

Below you can find some of my work. (If the script was made for a client, there will be a caption saying so).

Generic Obby scripts
Milkshake machine, as well as giving players milkshakes
Electric Baton
  • Animation Cycle (If the player does not swing within 3 seconds of their last swing, the cycle resets)

  • Getting tazed

  • The script also saves your KOs and Wipeouts using the DataStore2 module

Game links

I can usually work 2-4 hours per day, unless something comes up. I am on summer vacation, so there is a chance that I might be gone for a week or longer due to a trip.

Please do not ask me to script the following things, as I am not advanced enough yet:

  • FPS systems (gun systems are fine, but I am not advanced enough to do an FPS yet)
  • Cars and aircraft

All pricing is negotiable, but it generally goes as follows

  • Small script: 100 to 500 :robux_gold: (ie. basic admin commands)

  • Medium script: 500 - 1500 :robux_gold: (ie. basic combat system)

  • Large script/project: Please contact me and we can discuss. I can accept percentages, but I need to have faith in your project, so this is not guaranteed. I can also accept USD on large projects (using paypal).

I request that you provide half of the payment upfront, and the rest upon completion. I accept T-shirts, gamepasses, and group payouts.

You must mantain a respectful and professional attitude at all times (ie. no vulgar language, rushing, etc).

I have the right to deny or cancel any commission.

You must have a definite idea of what you want scripted.

Of course, I cannot list every possible TOS, so please just use common sense and be a good person.

You can message me through discord at BluestOfFlames#7160 or through the forum (I really prefer discord though). If you contact me through discord, please send me a PM through the dev forum so I know what your username is. Thanks for reading!

Other stuff:

  • The icons are made by @mvagicaI, I just changed the colors and text
  • If possible, I would like to keep the replies on this post to strictly reviews. If you have questions or inquiries, please contact me through the ways listed above. Thanks!

Oh I have not really experienced it in a way like that. I usually just build and script UI in my own game until I feel like I am ready to take on commissions.

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Wow! I did not expect you will work for free! This is a practice that everyone should do. You also helped me a lot! Thanks man! And good luck! :smile:

EDIT: I will credit you for helping me. It means a lot to help people for free.

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Its a commom thing really you try a build up your self

Amazing guy also responds fast does the work great he is amazing highly recommend


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