(OPEN) Border Game Hiring!

Looking to recruit a full team of developers for this project!

Looking to spend 3-400 USD (Via Bitcoin) on the project, which I will be advertising with 20-30k robux to start.

What we need:
Builders: 0/1
3D Modeler: 0/1
Scripter: 0/1
UI Designer: 0/1

Game Details
After doing some research it is apparent to me that Border RP games tend to make a high Robux/Visit ratio, some higher than 3/1 which is really crazy. This games give can grow into a community easily and can help retain players. The game will include a robbable bank, gun shops, smuggling, and assassination to help promote crime in game. Their will be a jail, shops, and businesses for civilians and law enforcement.

The Goal
I hope to create a new and innovative border role play game that is fair to all and can grow into a community. While it is critical that we turn a profit I believe that quality is the most important.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the positions (or any I may have missed), compensation in both USD and a % will be discussed privately. Please message me on the following platforms:

Dev Forum
Discord: Boom#1504

Thank you and have a great day!


I could be interested in the scripting gig. Could you go more into detail about what it is you need done, like what the game is about and what the scripter would need to do?

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The scripter would need to make the border work (As in a system to check citizens tools and allow them to pass or not), some smaller tools like the jail tools, create a mini jail system (just hold the people for X amount of time), script guns (this game isn’t meant to be a huge FPS game, really more basic RCL type guns). We can discuss more over discord if you would like.

Hey !

I’d be happy to help you with this project,Especially since I’ve had past experiences working with border games.Specializing in Building. Discord :Vladimir Vladmirovich Putin#5772

By any chance need a animator?

Potentially, add my discord!
Boom #1504

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Hey there!

I’m interested in learning more about the project, particularly building, I’ve had some experience building in roleplaying games. On Discord I’m ゼラチン #7259.

Have a good one.

The game will include a robbable bank, gun shops, smuggling, and assassination to help promote crime in game

i’m not sure if roblox allows this, but i’m down.
Portfolio: (I’m a scripter)

What is the job of the UI designer? What style do you want?

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