[OPEN] b_roham | Lua Programmer/Web Developer

About Me

Hi, I’m Jaden! I’m a 16 year old Programmer, Hockey Goalie and Bass player. I am offering my services as a programmer and bot-maker. I specialize in creating discord bots and overall scripting in LuaU. I have been scripting for around 4 years on Roblox. I am proficient in several programming languages, those being Java, JavaScript, C++ LuaU (Roblox Lua), and Python. I also know a little bit C# but not as well as the other languages listed.

Past Groups

I’ve held development positions at some point in time in all of the following groups.
I’ve contributed to 33 Million+ Accumulated Place Visits

Snow Core - Senior Developer (Current)

The Robine - Engineer (Formerly, however, I still do some commissions for them from time to time)
The Robine Militia - Lead Engineer (Formerly)

The Vykterrian Dominion - Developer

Aegis International - Secondary Developer (Formerly)

Triple A Batteries - Developer (Formerly)

ROBLOX Showcase

Kill Feed

A passion project I’ve been working on with my friend, my pride and joy. Although it’s currently in the testing phase it’s still a pretty fun game!


Assisted in the creation of the Robine Mainframe, as well as maintenance, updates, and more.
Also, fixed bugs coded updates, and much more in their main roleplay game Downtown-RP which has since been shut down.
As well as fixing their side game for The Robine Militia.

The Vykterrian Dominion

Coded the leaderboard, and health bar as well as bug fixes at their main raidable base The Bio Lab.

Triple A Batteries

Responsible for bug fixes and code optimization in TAB’s rendition of The Undead Coming

Snow Core

Assisted in the creation of Glacian Factory and Aestus Citadel, as well as being responsible for bug fixes and updates to Aurora’s Dam and Fort Snow 2.

Aegis International

My experience developing was quite short here, all I made was a VIP Tracker for one of their divisions at their main roleplay game, unsure if it’s still used.

Discord Bots/Webhooks

I’m capable of creating discord bots with the functionality of bots like bloxlink and clan labs, I’ve also created discord bots capable of interacting with Roblox games. Here’s some commands from previous roblox-discord bots.

NHL Games

I also created a bot to track NHL games, scores and standings.

Availability and Prices

My availability is highly dependent on the day, however, I’m usually able to code for anywhere from 1-3 hours per day.

Prices are negotiable, I accept pay per asset. I accept payment in USD, CAD, and Robux.


You can contact me on discord at b_roham#0001, I accept all friend requests.

Thanks for reading!