(OPEN) Budget Builder - Asset Maker for hiring! 2021

About myself

Hi, thanks for reaching out. I’m a budget guy who can make some pretty cool assets, not the big ones but the good ones. I can be also a builder. Scripter is possible but bad quality.

Payment / Price

I want to talk about this, that’s why I placed this after about. Prices are negotiable and most likely will depend on the quality and the build. The Minimum is 200, and the Maximum is 3000. If anybody makes a deal over 3000, I won’t be accepting it.


The Build was from mine [WIP] game.

Where I worked

There were a lot of people who we’re hiring me through these 2 years. Most of them were scammers, and most of them aren’t scammers. So yeah, I had great experience with developing.


Discord > s_Trojan#6543
Roblox Messages > s_Trojan


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