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:hammer: Builder & 3D Modeler


Hello! I am Iceshaver, aka Ryco. I am a self-taught aspiring ROBLOX 3D Modeler & Builder, always looking to expand my knowledge within the development community. I have accumulated over 40M+ combined with all the games I’ve developed in.

I am currently looking to fill commissions for those who’re looking for short-term/temporary Modelers or Builders for their desired projects. If you’re interested in my services, please continue to view the following content posted below! :arrow_down:

:classical_building: Progression / Assets

Firework Simulator

UFO Simulator


  • Others;
    I’ve also worked with many more projects as listed below, dating from Newest assets, to Oldest assets.
Newest Assets


UGC Concepts

Older Assets

Example Image C
Example Image D

:dollar: Payment / Funds

Currently Accepting;
:euro: ROBUX
:atm: PAYPAL

The listed payment methods are the only methods I will be accepting.

Please keep in mind, there is no listed price, due to the fact that I price based on the complexity of the desired map, size, and my time. I truly value my time, so that will Indeed be a factor within the payment.

Please keep in mind that payment is always negotiable; though if your negotiation was denied at any point, it will remain that way.

If you’re paying VIA Robux, it is requested that you pay the Taxes required for the full amount.

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Thanks for viewing! :heartpulse:


I would say adjust your pricing. because there is a big difference between the Robux and USD that u put. 1.7k Robux is not 20 USD. It’s 5 USD. I think you made up your prices according to when you buy Robux from the Roblox website. but you should have done it according to the DevExchange Rates.

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There we go, thanks for the heads up, good looks.