[OPEN] Builder For Hire (xSting7's Portfolio)

Hello! I’m Sting, A 18 year old self taught builder and modeller. I can create maps and models for your games. I have 3 and a half years of building experience and I love working on low-poly but I can build in mid-poly or realistic/high-poly too.

I have previously delivered assets/builds to some notable devs like Cracky4, Phoninian, Natsu_Dawn, ByGoalz, Agent0511, Veerius, xCentralis, Kirkkneezy, Staysail and many more!

Why hire me?

I love what I do and I highly value my work. I’m a hard working builder and I will put utmost efforts into making sure the builds you get are of the highest quality. I can finish work on time by the provided deadlines and my builds are extremely organized [1] [2].

Featured Builds -

Tower of Jump (500M+ visits)

Game link - Tower of Jump [FREE HALOS😇] - Roblox
I have built 50+ stages for this game

Realistic Apartment

This build took 4 hours to make. It is a Roblox Studio screenshot and not a render.

Unreleased Roleplay Game

Built most of the exteriors for an upcoming game that hasn’t released yet. It is a sequel to a roleplay game that currently has 2.6M visits.

Car factory

Isometric Gaming Room

Made for fun, Took 3 hours to build/model everything. Most assets in this build were modelled in Blender. It is Roblox Studio screenshot and not a render.

Low Poly Builds -

Maps for a hotel roleplay game

Buildings for a story game


Mid poly builds -


Chair Simulator

Game link - Chair Simulator! - Roblox


UGC Concepts


Older work
Low poly



I use Blender for modelling assets like furniture, electronic appliances, trees, rocks, terrain, etc which are placed in maps (due to which I haven’t made a separate section to showcase my models)

I am available for 2-3 hours on the weekdays and 3-4 hours on the weekends.

I have the right to decline any commission if it does not interest me or if the price is too low.

I only accept Robux for payments.

My starting price is 24,999 Robux but prices vary on the size of the map, Time taken to finish the build, etc (I can go below the starting price if it’s a small map, like a 100x100 or 200x200 stud build)

My preferred payment method is group funds or game passes (For gamepasses, 30% tax must be covered). I will accept percentage if you are an established developer with previous successful games.
Alternatively, I can do commissions (short or long term) for an hourly rate too.

You can contact me via Discord (xsting7) or here on the devforum.

My time zone is IST. (Australian Eastern Daylight Time, GMT + 11:00 hours)

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day